Finally today 6 August I was able to confirm local breeding in the NW area of 
Trumansburg. From my house at 30 Bradley I first saw an adult back in the large 
mostly dead sugar maple where I first saw this species on 16 May. Then I heard 
the “chatter call” given by two birds, and saw two birds fly out of the maple 
to other nearby mature maples. Finally I got decent looks at a juvenile bird, 
with a dark gray head, and limited spots of white on the wing. In these trees 
there were at least three birds giving the chatter calls, and possibly four. I 
will try and get photos in the next few days if I can. The juvenile was on a 
suet feeder across Bradley to the west of my yard. I’ve only seen adult (s) at 
my suet feeder.
Jared Dawson

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