This morning I joined Dave Nicosia for a guided walk onto the dikes around 
Knox-Marsellus marsh seeking shorebirds. I don’t want to steal his thunder, so 
suffice it to say the trip was successful. I expect he will send out the 
impressive list shortly, if he hasn’t already. He will be leading 2 more walks, 
also on Sundays, at 2-week intervals. I would like to announce that on the 
alternate weekends there will be similar walks on Saturdays: 

This coming Saturday, 17 August, Bob McGuire and I will lead another shorebird 
walk. We will again meet at 7am at the Montezuma NWR Visitor Center, which is 
on NYS-5/US-50 between NYS-89 and NYS-90 east of Seneca Falls. From there we 
will drive to the overlook on East Road and spend the rest of the morning 
walking a couple unprotected shadeless miles to see what birds we can find, 
concentrating on the several species of shorebirds which have been pausing at 
the refuge during their southbound migration from their far northern breeding 
grounds. This walk into a normally closed area of the refuge is free and open 
to the public. Dress for the weather and bring binoculars, a field guide, 
drinking water, and a snack. If you have a spotting scope, please bring it, and 
if you are willing to share scope views and expertise, as Bob and I will be 
doing, that will be welcome. This can be a chance to see and learn about some 
distant and subtle birds.

There will also be a similar trip on Saturday, 31 August, led by Josh Snodgrass 
and myself. 

- - Dave Nutter

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