I finally got photos of juvenile(s), and verified 2 adults and 2 juvenile 
RED-HEADED WOODPECKERS; generally mid-morning this family tends to move from 
trees and suet feeders at 35 Bradley (Trumansburg) over to my yard, favoring 3 
old sugar maples, two that border Bradley and one just east of Bradley on 
Strowbridge. Clearly saw the 4 birds in flight and on perches. It’s a little 
tricky with the juvenile photos, but it looks to me like one is lighter in 
plumage than the one shown on the suet feeder. Not as much vocalization as 
previously heard, some short calls and rattles. Next challenge is to get some 
good vocalizations recorded.
One of the juveniles was zig-zagging from tree to tree, apparently hawking 
insects, which I have not seen the adults doing.

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Jared Dawson


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