I got a call early this afternoon from Reuben Stoltzfus. He saw a couple of 
Ruddy Turnstones at Benning on the Wildlife Drive. More intriguing is that he 
saw several large Calidris type sandpipers (Ruff? Knot?) at Knox-Marsellus 
which he was unable to ID due to severe mid-day heat shimmer. The light 
conditions should improve as the sun gets lower in the west late this 
afternoon, and if someone is there with a scope, they might find something 
unusual. These birds may move on with tonight’s north winds, so I hope someone 
has a chance to look today. 

Also a reminder, meet at 7am Saturday at the Montezuma NWR Visitor Center or 
shortly after at the overlook on East Rd and we can walk down to K-M for better 
views. More species have been reported to our north and they should be arriving 
here, too. 

- - Dave Nutter

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