Meet at 7am at the Montezuma NWR Visitor Center (on NYS-5/US-20 east of Seneca 
Fall between NYS-89 & NYS-90) or meet us on East Road at the overlook around 
7:20am after we caravan over there. As a group led by Bob McGuire and myself, 
we will walk down onto the dike surrounding Knox-Marsellus Marsh, an activity 
which is normally prohibited, in order to look for migrant shorebirds. Bring 
binoculars, and if you have a scope, bring that too. It should be a good 
opportunity to share sightings and learn. No fee. 

Last weekend with Dave Nicosia we had good looks at 11 shorebird species, and 
since then at least 3 more species have been reported at Montezuma and a couple 
more elsewhere Upstate. There are plenty of other interesting birds at K-M, 
too. For instance, we saw all 6 heron species regularly found here. And about 
an hour ago David Wheeler reported an American White Pelican and a juvenile 
Laughing Gull. Let’s hope they stay. 

- - Dave Nutter

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