We have been surveying that area weekly since the beginning of the season. We 
saw a single snow goose at the Crane Unit (Van Dyne Spoor Road) for two weeks 
in April, then not again until July 2.  From late April until last week we were 
not surveying around the unit, only from Van Dyne Spoor Road. It is a large 
area and it is certainly possible that we just didn't see it while we were 
there. We saw it again on 7/30 and so far every week in August. A few weeks ago 
someone witnessed a Trumpeter Swan beating the daylights out of a snow goose 
and was able to post pictures. In one, it looked like a goner! The next time we 
surveyed, it was there.  It seems to have recovered. Lately it has been near 
the road, probably hanging out there to avoid the swans! It is pretty safe to 
say that this is not an early migrant.
 Jackie BakkerVolunteer at MNWR

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