This Saturday morning there will be another walk onto the normally-closed dikes 
at Knox-Marsellus Marsh in Montezuma NWR, this time led by Josh Snodgrass with 
assistance by me and, I hope, other folks willing to share scope views and 
expertise. The goal is to observe migrant shorebirds and help birders learn to 
ID them, but there have been plenty of other birds to distract us as well. This 
is a chance to practice ID of dull brown eclipse-plumage ducks, for instance. 
Bring binoculars, and if you have a scope, bring that, too. Dress for the 
weather, and bring water & a snack, because we tend to be on the dikes for 
several hours.  Meet at the Montezuma NWR Visitor Center by 7am or go directly 
to the overlook on East Road at 7:15am.

- - Dave Nutter

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