Hi Folks,

I'm writing to let everyone know about the inaugural Seneca White Deer
Festival happening on *Saturday, October 5th* at the Seneca Army
Depot/Seneca White Deer HQ (5479 NY-96A
Romulus, NY US 14541)

I've been talking to the organizers, and HAD recently agreed to lead a pair
of hour-long bird walks at* 11:15 and 1:15*. I thought this would be
exciting to our local birding community as it means visiting a usually
inaccessible area with tons and tons of scrubby and open habitat during
prime sparrow migration season.

HOWEVER, a conflict has arisen on that weekend, and it looks like I will
have to back out. So I'm hoping that I can find one, two, or even a small
handful of people who might be willing to take this on in my stead.

The details were just hammered out this week, and the event has not  really
been promoted yet, but I would hate to see this opportunity for the local
birding community slip by.

*Please let me know* if you might be willing to jump in and lead one or
both of these walks. There would also be an (optional) opportunity to scout
the location on the mornings of October 1st or 2nd. I can put you in touch
with the organizer.

Thanks in advance for considering!


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