Late this afternoon I got a call from Reuben Stoltzfus saying that another 
Amish birder named Adam Troyer reported a WESTERN KINGBIRD on his family’s farm 
in Candor. Reuben was in the area and said he wanted to double check before 
having me publicize it, and indeed he visited the site, saw the bird, agreed 
with the ID, and called me back, at which time I posted a text rare bird alert. 
Reuben has traveled out west and I suspect is familiar with the species. Adam 
grew up in Ohio before his family moved to Candor a couple years ago, and 
although he is an accomplished birder, I don’t know whether he had encountered 
any Western Kingbirds before. Perhaps some of you met Adam this past January 
when I believe he and a couple of his cousins biked from Candor to join the 
Ithaca Christmas Bird Count.  The address is 51 Tomak Rd, a dairy farm at the 
end of a short road off of Candor Hill Rd northeast of “downtown” Candor. I 
don’t know any more details of where the bird was or what it was doing. I hope 
to hear tomorrow if it is refound.

- - Dave Nutter

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