The Cayuga Bird Club sponsored two teams in this year’s Montezuma Muckrace, 
held over a week ago. The event is a fundraiser for the Friends of the 
Montezuma Wetlands Complex. Over the past 23 years it has raised over $145,000 
for projects in the Complex. If you would like to donate you may do so at 

 I have prepared a rather lengthy report for our team - the ARROGANT BUSTARDS 
(Susan Danskin, Diane Morton, Deirdre Anderson, Dave Nutter, Ken Kemphues, Gary 
Kohlenberg, and myself) - for the October CBC newsletter. Several people have 
asked, “So, how did you do?”. Here is a brief summary. 

This year some 34 teams (more than 145 participants) over the course of 24 
hours (7pm September 6 - 7pm on the 7th) tallied more than 150 species. The 
winning competitive team was From rochester with 119. The winning recreational 
team had 130. The high count for photographers was 70 (Suan Yong and Mark 
Miller). Both of the CBC-sponsored teams came in with 91! 

Most of the participants agreed that it was an uncommonly slow day this year. 
Shorebird habitat was in short supply and for some reason (perhaps the recent 
passage of a cold front) forest birds, warblers in particular, were scarce. The 
highlights for our team were the gorgeous female Baltimore Oriole foraging 
below Tschache Tower, the elusive Mockingbird that Susan spotted as we sped by, 
and a spontaneously-calling Barred Owl along Van Dyne Spoor Road at the end of 
the day.

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