During this morning's beginner bird walk around Sapsucker Woods, we flushed
a Ruffed Grouse from near "the" giant poison ivy vine. I think this is my
first grouse at SSW.

Later from Sherwood Platform we heard a couple yelps of a bald eagle coming
from the west, though we did not see anything in tree or sky. I'm now
wondering whether it might have been a Blue Jay mimic.

Other interesting sightings include a female-type Scarlet Tanager singing
stop a tree near the parking lot, a magnolia warbler in the same area and
later near the footbridge, Eastern Wood Pewees singing beyond the stream
past the footbridge, and at Fuller Wetland a fly-by Accipiter which
disappeared into the woods not to be seen again, but whose appearance
seemed to coincide with the many goldfinches switching to repeating short
"meep"s -- which I'm guessing might be their alarm call.



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