To update Bob McGuire’s excellent report of this years Muckrace, we had a 
“wrap-up” Muckrace meeting last week & some final numbers include: 34 teams, 
155 participants, & 173 total species tallied. Top teams are as Bob said in his 

To date $9600 has been raised. There is still time to make a donation to help 
us reach our goal of $10,000! Just go to 
“” to make a donation directly 
to the Friends or your favorite team. Thank you!

Kyle Gage
Friends of the Montezuma Wetlands Complex

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> On Sep 19, 2019, at 8:21 AM, bob mcguire <> wrote:
> The Cayuga Bird Club sponsored two teams in this year’s Montezuma Muckrace, 
> held over a week ago. The event is a fundraiser for the Friends of the 
> Montezuma Wetlands Complex. Over the past 23 years it has raised over 
> $145,000 for projects in the Complex. If you would like to donate you may do 
> so at 
>  I have prepared a rather lengthy report for our team - the ARROGANT BUSTARDS 
> (Susan Danskin, Diane Morton, Deirdre Anderson, Dave Nutter, Ken Kemphues, 
> Gary Kohlenberg, and myself) - for the October CBC newsletter. Several people 
> have asked, “So, how did you do?”. Here is a brief summary. 
> This year some 34 teams (more than 145 participants) over the course of 24 
> hours (7pm September 6 - 7pm on the 7th) tallied more than 150 species. The 
> winning competitive team was From rochester with 119. The winning 
> recreational team had 130. The high count for photographers was 70 (Suan Yong 
> and Mark Miller). Both of the CBC-sponsored teams came in with 91! 
> Most of the participants agreed that it was an uncommonly slow day this year. 
> Shorebird habitat was in short supply and for some reason (perhaps the recent 
> passage of a cold front) forest birds, warblers in particular, were scarce. 
> The highlights for our team were the gorgeous female Baltimore Oriole 
> foraging below Tschache Tower, the elusive Mockingbird that Susan spotted as 
> we sped by, and a spontaneously-calling Barred Owl along Van Dyne Spoor Road 
> at the end of the day.
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