Yesterday a White-faced Ibis was re-found in Monroe County (ebird hotspot LaSalle's Landing Park) after being missing since early Sunday morning. It had been found originally on Friday the 18th by a birder who doesn't use ebird, but who mentioned it to someone who does, then re-found by Mike Gullo and seen by many on Saturday the 19th. It is a major MEGA for Monroe County. To give down-staters a perspective, most of us who saw the bird have yet to see even a Glossy Ibis in Monroe County.

Meanwhile, two other rarities have shown up here in Western New York. An adult male Cinnamon Teal (albeit sporting a leg band and a clipped toe) showed up on Sunday the 20th at Batavia Wastewater Treatment Plant (Genesee County) and lingered through Monday the 21st. And a Bar-headed Goose (yes, I know, probably of domestic origin) was associating with a flock of hundreds of Canada Geese, also on the 21st, in Livingston County, ebird hotspot Twin Cedars Environmental Area (DEC pond), Avon. The next day the Canada Geese were gone and so was the Bar-headed Goose.

Despite the probable domestic origins of two of these three birds, it is tempting to think that they all got blown our way because of last week's huge coastal storm, which struck a glancing blow here. It is, after all, impossible to know for how long the teal and goose have been making due out in the wild. Thoughts welcome.

Pat Martin
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