Agreed! I have some pokeweed growing behind the shed, no intention of removing 
(or tasting) it. I went to wiki initially to see if the toxins were 
intoxicating Anne’s robins but there’s no obvious support for that from this 
plant. I have seen robins et al get ripped on late season “raisins” from wild 
cherry so wondered if that was similar.

[Btw, I worked for Dr John many moons ago as a barely passable cook and 
carpenter assistant building the lab on Appledore Island when he was director 
of Isles of Shoals.]

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On Oct 26, 2019, at 12:54, darlingtonbets 
<<>> wrote:

just that people should be cautious in using, handling or eating it.  And many 
plants that are toxic to humans are fine for birds and other animals.  Pokeweed 
is a beautiful, interesting plant. Just don't eat it or handle it without 


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