Ken Kemphues and I led a bird club trip up and around the lake yesterday. 
Actually, we WERE the trip as no one else showed up to brave the rain/wind 
(which ended by the time we got to Aurora). Loons were abundant (including one 
Red-throated seen by Bob) and even more so, the ducks. From the single 
Long-tailed Duck at the visitor’s center to the hundreds of Ring-necked Ducks 
in the main pool to the group of 59 Ruddy Ducks at the north end of the lake, 
we had a great time working through the various stages of plumage (juvenile to 
non-breeding to breeding, and everything in between). We were treated to a 
dance from a pair of Sandhill Cranes and close looks at a feeding American 
Bittern. There will be a full report in the next CBC newsletter. 

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