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Please join us tonight for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's last Monday Night 
Seminar this year. You may have heard about the recent Science paper to come 
out of the Lab documenting the decline of North America's avifauna. The Lab's 
own Ken Rosenberg will walk you through some key components of the paper and 
let you in on empowering actions you can take to bring birds back. This is a 
great way to wrap your head around some content that touches much of what we do 

I hope to see you there and please help us spread the word!


Monday Night Seminar
3 Billion Birds Gone: The Bird Crisis and What We Can Do About It

November 4, 7:30 PM

Cornell Lab of Ornithology, auditorium, 159 Sapsucker Woods Road, Ithaca, NY

Ken Rosenberg, Applied Conservation Scientist, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

According to research published online in September by the journal Science, 
wild bird populations in the continental U.S. and Canada have declined by 
almost 30% since 1970. The study quantifies for the first time the total 
decline in bird populations in the continental U.S. and Canada, a loss of 2.9 
billion breeding adult birds—with devastating losses among birds in every 
biome. Join Ken Rosenberg, who leads joint research initiatives by the Cornell 
Lab and American Bird Conservancy, to learn why these study results transcend 
the world of birds.

Join us in person in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's auditorium, or watch 
online with the live-streaming video:

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