Unless you knew about the news headlines for the 29% decrease in birds since 
1970, you would probably not “get” the point of the “between friends” cartoon 
on the comics page of today’s Ithaca journal.

Woman office worker berating a fellow office worker because he’s eating an egg 
salad sandwich (with little skulls coming out of it) after she reads something 
(not shown) on her computer screen.

Reminds me of a fun time my late sister and I had in Algonquin provincial park, 
Ontario about 5 or 6 years ago when we did a Taste Test for Canada (gray) jays.

The lodge had packed us egg salad sandwiches for lunch, so we sat in the woods 
feeding friendly Jays either unsalted peanuts or pieces of egg salad from our 
hands. (At same time so they had a choice).

 all three of the test subjects in this study preferred the egg salad to the 

Donna Scott
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