This morning I counted 212 migrating Loons from Benjamin Hill in Newfield 
between 6:56 and 9:11 AM. I say _from_ Benjamin Hill because none actually went 
overhead there; these Loons were all far to the east, and obviously following 
the Cayuga through-valley. I could’t have counted them without my scope, yet it 
would have been easy to do so from my own backyard on Tupper Road. 

The flight was divided into two major pulses by the slack period that we 
associate with the shadow of Wayne County between the north end of Cayuga Lake 
and the south shore of Lake Ontario. 

I’m guessing that Loons heading due south from Taughannock Point or passing 
high over Ithaca’s West Hill were just cutting off the “Ithaca elbow” (or 
dogleg or whatever we might went to call it) to pick up the Cayuga 
through-valley again a few miles south of the city. Every Loon I saw was on a 
track that passed up the valley between 1,920’ “Sorry Hunter Hill” on the west 
and the c. 1,730’ Thatchers Pinnacles on the east, most at an altitude not much 
greater than those summits, say between 2,000’ and 2,200’



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