Hi All,
Piggy-backing on Colleen's message about the Cayuga Bird Club meeting on
*Read below about an opportunity to donate binoculars.*

First, I promise that the talk will be fun and interesting even though it
is based on real social science data.

Second, if you have a pair of binoculars sitting around your house in good
working order, but otherwise not being used much, please consider donating
them to our cause.  We've had high school students working here in Ithaca
on our habitat restoration project, and we are going to be connecting them
to students in Honduras working on conservation projects there.  These
projects benefit the exact same bird species at different times and places
in their annual life cycle.  In January, MPS student Mary McKean, who is
working on the project with us, will be traveling to Honduras to meet with
Bird Clubs and some school kids with whom they work.  She is willing to
deliver any binoculars we donate for the kids in Honduras to use.  She will
gladly collect any binoculars you want to donate Monday night.

See you Monday!
Jody Enck

Jody W. Enck, PhD
Conservation Social Scientist, and
Founder of the Sister Bird Club Network

On Thu, Dec 5, 2019 at 3:12 PM Colleen Richards <cl...@juno.com> wrote:

> Next Monday, December 9, will be the next monthly meeting of the Cayuga
> Bird Club.
>  Our speaker, Jody Enck, will be presenting -- "What Makes a Birder a
> Birder?".
> Ever wonder why you seem to fit in with some birders but scratch your head
> at the actions of others? Turns out that birders are as diverse in their
> identities as the birds are. But it's more about 'who you are' rather than
> 'what you do' that separates the different birder identities. Jody will
> share fascinating facts about some of the 14 types of birders he uncovered
> while conducting research on birders a few years ago. Which type are you?
> Come listen and find out.
> *About the Speaker:* Jody Enck started birding as a small boy growing up
> on a farm in Pennsylvania. Since then, he has continued to learn more and
> more about birds and the people who enjoy them. Jody especially loves
> bird-watching in his back yard to find out what the local residents are up
> to. He is also a closet lister, with more than 500 species seen in the U.S.
> and more than 1,150 seen worldwide. He has a background in wildlife biology
> and social science. In 2016, he founded the Sister Bird Club Network to
> link birders and bird clubs throughout the Western Hemisphere by raising
> awareness of the conservation needs of the neotropical migratory birds we
> all love. He is a past president and current chair of the conservation
> action committee for the Cayuga Bird Club. In 2020, he'll be leading trips
> for the Club to Costa Rica and Colombia.
>  Members are invited to join Jody Enck for dinner at the Taste of Thai
> Express (Rt. 13N downtown) just before the meeting at 5:30 p.m. Please RSVP
> to Colleen Richards at cl...@juno.com
> <http://webmailbb.juno.com/webmail/new/8?folder=Sent&msgNum=0000FCk0:001OIYvN00002uN4&block=1&msgNature=all&msgStatus=all&count=1493924030&randid=938811621&content=central>
> by noon Monday so reservations can be made.
> The meeting will be held at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. Doors
> open at 7:00 pm and there will be cookies and conversation starting
> at 7:15. Bird club business begins at 7:30 pm followed by the presentation.
> All are welcome.
> See you all on Monday.
> Colleen Richards
> Corresponding Secretary
> Cayuga Bird Club
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