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> Hi All,
> Those of you who are Cayuga Bird Club members may have seen an article in
> January’s newsletter that was based on my quick report (below) about the
> Ithaca Christmas Bird Count compilation on the evening of January first. I
> gave the editor permission to use my report, with which he rapidly
> completed and sent out the newsletter later that same evening after a long
> day of birding. My name was on the article, but I did not write the
> paragraph which incorrectly stated that there were no Kestrels reported.
> However, I did hear some comments from the audience about the numbers of
> small falcons, as was mentioned in that paragraph.
> As with many species this year, there was a low count of 2 American
> Kestrels. Then the next species on the list, the closely related Merlin,
> had one of the very few record high counts, a total of 5 birds. Lab
> Director John Fitzpatrick recalled when Kestrels were common and Merlins
> were a rarity.

My sincerest apologies to Dave for the mistake. Even though the
accompanying list clearly shows the kestrel count at 2, somehow I was under
the impression that it was one of the big misses of the day, and thought it
worth mentioning. Thanks for the clarification. I likely confused it with
peregrines, which we missed, though that miss isn't too surprising, I think.

FWIW, my personal impression is that the high merlin count is noteworthy
and likely accurate, given the relative frequency of merlin reports
elsewhere in the area. The single-day kestrel low count on its own is
probably not enough to draw conclusions.



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