Union Springs, NY:?? 17 Jan. 2020

At 2 p.m. I saw a hawk flying low to the ground up the hill towards, & then directly under, my van parked just beyond my crab apple tree in which I have several feeders. The tree is just outside my window. When it's their feeding times, house sparrows regularly perch & shelter in the van grill & spend time getting grit from the ground under the van between flights to the feeders. Quite obviously they've been observed.

I suspect a Cooper's hawk since I've had them in the past but didn't really get enough markers to say if it was a sharpie or a Coop. It was in the shadows moving around under the van for several minutes. When it came out it had a bird in its talons as it flew to trees several hundred yards away. Bully for the hawk!

Daughter Becky & I again observed the Oregon junco at a feeder about 27 ft. from my kit. window this morning.?? Usually it comes in the afternoon at a time when taking pictures is impossible, either too late or when the sun is in our faces. We both have gotten pictures but not as clear as we'd like.

??Becky reports Factory St. & Mill ponds still host various ducks. The lake was bare off Frontenac Park yesterday. Becky is out every few days to check. I do see Canada & snow geese flying overhead.

Fritzie Blizzard


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