The Cayuga Bird Club's February meeting will be this coming Monday, Feb. 10 at 
7:30 p.m.Come hear our speaker, Andrea Patterson giving her presentation - A 
Bird in the Hand.
 Braddock Bay Bird Observatory (BBBO) was founded in1986 with the purpose of 
studying stopover ecology on the south shore of Lake Ontario. Operating with an 
all-volunteer staff, BBBO has developed a 30-year data set consisting of nearly 
300,000 individual banding records. In 2016, BBBO launched a new initiative to 
bring the Motus Wildlife Tracking System to upstate New York. Tiny radio 
transmitters carried by local or migrating birds are detected by stationary 
receivers deployed across the landscape,giving researchers an unprecedented 
window into avian movement at scales from local to hemispheric. Individually 
and collectively, these banding and digital records tell fascinating stories of 
bird behavior, movement and survival across an increasingly challenging 
Come hear Andrea Patterson, the Director of BBBO, talk about the joyful 
moments, surprising revelations, and occasional heartbreak of birding in the 

Doors open at 7 pm, refreshments at 7:15, meeting starts at 7:30 . As usual, 
this meeting is open to the public so please join us!! Stay tuned for further 
details of a dinner with the speaker before the meeting.
 Colleen Richards
Corresponding Secretary
Cayuga Bird Club
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