I have noticed a few ebird reports that state I found the BHGU. It was
Ken Kemphues
who originally found what he thought was a Bonaparte's gull. There were 5
of us, Ken, Diane Morton, Suzanne Giffin, myself and of course Bob McGuire
who was leading the field trip. After looking at bird we collectively began
thinking BHGU given the larger red bill, very red legs and lighter gray
mantle. Ken actually started this conversation.  Since the bird would be
such a mega rarity we wanted to be 100 percent sure. I sent a photo to Jay
McGowan who confirmed it for us. Since I had a decent photo I sent the RBA
out.  A great bird no doubt. A lifer for me!

Glad a lot of folks enjoyed it.  Hope it sticks around. Good birding to

Dave Nicosia


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