Hello Cayuga-area birders,
I am hoping your checklists are already full of our wintering species!
Every year, NYS DEC regions statewide begin collecting data for Short-eared 
owls and Northern harriers. This data is used to formulate strategies to manage 
habitat on which they depend, protect these areas from potential disturbance, 
and overall learn more about their habits and migratory patterns. There are so 
many areas here in DEC Region 8 that may be suitable for these birds to forage, 
roost, or just hang out-therefore we depend on volunteers to help us survey so 
we may maximize observations.
I am responsible for coordinating surveys out of the Hector Ranger Station 
(5218 Rt 414 Hector, NY). We meet once every two weeks on Thursday evenings to 
get volunteer surveyors ready and out to their assigned location by 30 mins 
before sunrise. Once the survey begins, we encourage folks to record any 
raptors they see, but especially focus on short-ears and harriers for their 
activity/behavior. The survey then lasts till 30 minutes after sunrise, and 
once completed, we convene back at the meeting location to drop off data sheets 
and converse about our sightings. The meeting times from now until April will 
be between 4:00 pm and 6:30 pm, about an hour before survey times begin.
Our next survey will be held Thursday, March 5th. We will be meeting at the 
address above at 4:30pm to allow time for a brief introduction to our target 
species and the survey process. And, like every other survey meeting, it will 
include snacks and great company! We encourage any interested individuals to 
participate in as many or as few surveys as you would like throughout the 
season. And if you cannot participate but would still like to help, it would be 
greatly appreciated if you could reach out with details regarding early 
short-eared owl observations (usually occur in late autumn). We keep our eyes 
peeled on eBird but understand that folks may want to keep sighting location 
information private.
Meeting Times:
3/5: 4:30 pm
3/19: 5:45 pm
4/2: 6:00 pm
4/16: 6:15 pm
(Last Day) 4/30: 6:30 pm

If you would like to know more about these surveys or are interested in 
participating, please email me at 
danielle.mey...@dec.ny.gov<mailto:danielle.mey...@dec.ny.gov>. We hope to see 
you soon!
Danielle Meyers
Wildlife Technician, Division of Fish and Wildlife

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
6274 E. Avon-Lima Road, Avon, NY 14414
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