This afternoon Joann and I rode from Geneva to Canoga then up 89 to East Road. 
Along the south side of Lerch Road, around 2 pm, just east of Goldsmith Road in 
Geneva we came upon a HUGE flock of Snow Buntings. I had a very large flock 
along Yellow Tavern Road last week NE of there that I carefully estimated at 
2700. Today’s flock was at least double that. I measured the approximate area 
the flock covered on Google Earth and came up with 22,000 square meters. If 
there was one bird per square meter that would be the number. We would put the 
minimum at 5000 but believe it was more than that. They circled high and flew 
to the SW out of sight.
   On to Canoga with no Gyrfalcon.
     Up to 89 and East Road. A couple dozen Cowbirds and Red-wings were in 
treetops at the north end of East around 4 pm but no Yellow-Headed Blackbirds. 
Similar flocks behind houses on Olmstead and Mays Point Roads. A couple dozen 
Pintail have arrived at Cayuga Lake at Lower Lake Road. Mike and Joann Tetlow 

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