First of all I want every one to know that any breeding bird atlas
question(s) that you have, please contact me via email.

Secondly, to contribute to the breeding bird atlas you need to use ebird
and be in the NY Breeding Bird Atlas portal. Both android and iphones have
an excellent ebird app that many of you probably use. You need to go into
the setup in the app to change to the  NY Breeding Bird Atlas portal.  If
you use ebird on a computer or laptop, you can also easily change to the NY
BBA portal.

Third if you want to sign up to lead the atlas effort in a priority block
go to this website  The blocks that are colored
purple are still available. Left click on the block you want and a small
window pops up. You will see "request sign-up". Click on this and a form
will open up which you fill out.

Most importantly, the NY breeding bird atlas ebird website has a ton of
information on atlasing, forms, etc. Please visit this site to learn more

And lastly, in mid to late June, I am going to lead a Cayuga Bird Club
field trip to an atlas block in the basin and we will do altlasing.  This
will be a great opportunity to learn more about atlasing.

Dave Nicosia
NY Breeding Bird Atlas III Central NY Coordinator


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