East side of Cayuga Lake was HOPPING today! Thousands of waterfowl. I started 
at Cayuga Lake SP. To the right and left, birds dotting the water as far as I 
could see. 1 lone eagle soaring around. I was here Monday and there were 10 
eagles on the ice, ice is gone now though. Here I saw tundra and trumpeter 
swans, Canada geese, redheads, canvasback, scaup, ring-necks. Mud Lock had 
bufflehead, hooded mergs, common mergs, a lone golden eye... I think!, Canadas, 
mallards. The east side of the lake was MUCH rougher and very windy. Couldn’t 
see any birds on the water, just some Canadas hunkered down along the shore. In 
Union Springs- nothing on Mill Pond. The other smaller pond just south of it 
had gadwall, Canadas, buffleheads, black ducks, mallards. Oh, and there were 
gulls everywhere, as usual. Waterfowl migration is upon us!

Alyssa Johnson
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Montezuma Audubon Center

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