The first 2020 record of Sandhill Crane for the Cayuga Lake Basin of which I’m 
aware was on 4 March at Knox-Marsellus Marsh from East Rd in Tyre reported by 
David Kennedy.  (Please anyone who has information on any earlier record, let 
me know, so I can correct the record on the Cayuga Bird Club webpage)  The next 
day, 5 March, cranes were also reported at Armitage Rd, at Van Dyne Spoor Rd, 
and at Carncross Rd in Savannah. This information is on eBird.

Sandhill Cranes are wonderful whenever and wherever we find them, so it’s great 
that people are seeing or hearing them today. It wasn’t always this way. The 
first year the species was reported in the Cayuga Lake Basin of which I am 
aware was 1990, and the next was 1994, but they have been regular since 2000 
and have built up a breeding  population throughout the Montezuma Wetlands 
Complex, with many of the marshes hosting a pair. Their number may be augmented 
by migrants in autumn when we have seen gatherings of 70 or more. 

The Dean’s Cove report by Suan Hsi-Yong was of overhead migrants, so that’s not 
a regular location for them.

- - Dave Nutter

- - Dave Nutter
> On Mar 7, 2020, at 3:11 PM, Johnson, Alyssa <> 
> wrote:
> Not my sighting, but a report that came to the Audubon FB page of 3 Sandhill 
> cranes seen from the end of Morgan Rd by the DEC buildings in Savannah. First 
> of the year, to my knowledge!
> Snow geese are being reported from the Route 31 muck flats, and a large raft 
> on Cayuga Lake viewed from Dean’s Cove State Boat Launch on the west side, 
> off 89.
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