HI folks,

At 6:15 tonight I went about 100 yards down Rt. 79 from my house above 
Mecklenberg to a wide open field and heard this year’s first Woodcock. Only 
one. For the last 5 years I've lived here, they have been very reliable to be 
heard around the first week in March. I got a good, but fleeting look at it as 
he flew within 15 yards of me and only about 15 feet off the ground. There was 
still enough light in the sky for me to make out his markings and color through 
my binocular. A Woodcock flyby! 

I will be leading a somewhat shortened field trip along the West side of the 
lake tomorrow Sunday March 8th, which was postponed from Saturday. We’ll meet 
at the Ithaca Children’s Garden parking lot in Ithaca at 9:00 AM. Please note 
the special start time of 9AM. We’ll car pool from there and be back about 
12:30. Hope to see you there!

Ken Haas


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