The Cornell Raptor Program had one of their program birds fly off today. Apache 
a non-native ferruginous hawk broke his jesses while outside and flew off.  A 
small team was out looking for him for the past few hours and thought we 
spotted him a few times in the area of the pheasant farm and compost pile off 
of Dodge/Stevenson Rds.  Unfortunately, nothing other than potential sitings 
and a lot of looking.

We are reaching out to you as people with their eyes to the skies!

Apache information:

  *   Ferruginous hawk (not indigenous to this region- CA)
  *   photo attached
  *   generally the size and shape of a red-tailed hawk but lighter belly, rust 
colored back.
  *   Soaring hawk (same basic habitat of red-tail- look near fields, soaring)
  *   Watch for crows or other small birds mobbing a larger bird
  *   He has 1 jess on, anklets are on his legs

What you can do:
 If you think you have seen Apache, you can call Dr. Heather Huson (Director of 
the Program)  (907) 388-4485 or Dr. Rolfe Radcliffe (607-342-5086).

  *   If you do spot Apache- do NOT try to catch him.  Please call Dr. Huson or 
Rolfe.  They'll coordinate catching him.  We don't want him scared away.
Thank you so much for your help!


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