What is starter grass?

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On Mar 22, 2020, at 1:34 PM, John and Fritzie Blizzard <job121...@verizon.net> 

Daughter, Becky saw her 1st kestrel on Thurs., back at the barn on Ridge Rd. 
just so. of Spring St. Rd. where they've nested for an unknown no. of yrs.. I 
saw one on a wire on Spring St. near Frontenac Elem. Sch. (Union Springs) back 
in the winter. We also saw one near Half Acre in the winter.

BTW .. the Oregon dark-eyed junco continues here at our feeders & is more 
aggressive than when I first saw it on 1 Dec. 2019. Becky had seen it before 
that, not realizing it was not common here. Bluebirds are checking their 
dwellings. I have blocked the openings to keep male house sparrows from 
"fixating" on certain boxes & driving away other box nesters. Bluebirds won't 
start nesting here just yet & I already have put new, dry starter grass in the 
boxes. No tree swallows yet & they usually nest before bluebirds.

Yesterday we had our 1st large, noisy flock of ring-billed gulls overhead. More 
of the Un. Springs turkey vultures have arrived. Still have not found where 
they roost. Largest yearly no. has been 32 but so far we have only about 7.

Fritzie B.,

Union Springs

On 3/22/2020 12:58 PM, k...@empireaccess.net<mailto:k...@empireaccess.net> 

Yes, Kestrels are here year round. In fall the young disperse to feeding 
territories which are widely scattered and , of course, the adults get the 
preferred areas.

John Gregoire

On 2020-03-22 16:07, Johnson, Alyssa wrote:

I was under the impression that they were present year round. I noticed one 
back in February at the FL airport.
Alyssa Johnson
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