Every Memorial Day weekend since 2006, I’ve led the Finger Lakes Land Trust
Spring Bird Quest (SBQ) to draw attention to the Land Trust’s role in
protecting vital habitat for the birds we love.  Over the years, hundreds
of birders have joined me on dozens of walks, raising tens of thousands of
dollars to support the Land Trust’s work.

Regrettably, the pandemic will make it impossible to hold our usual SBQ
group walks this year.  Still, I will try to go out myself and with my
family throughout the month, including Memorial Day weekend.  I hope all of
you will be able to get out on your own too, and to share your reports here
(or directly with me if you are too shy to share with the whole list).

Of course the Land Trust and I understand that we are all facing profound
new challenges in meeting the needs of our families and community in these
deeply troubled times.  Still, as I carry out my modified SBQ efforts, I
will still welcome pledges and direct donations in support of the SBQ.
Feel free to reply to me if you would like to make a pledge per bird
species I find this month on Land Trust preserves, or visit the Land
Trust’s website to donate any specific amount:  https://www.fllt.org/donate/.

Thank you very much for your consideration.  I am deeply grateful to so
many of you for your loyal support of me and the Land Trust over the years,
and also for your excellent company during our walks.  This year, even as
we keep our physical distance, I hope we can still enjoy and share the
birds and these wonderful preserves with each other.  And I hope you will
join me in remembering that the birds still depend on protected land, which
in turn depends on the Land Trust, which in turn depends on us.

With my thanks and best wishes to all,

Mark Chao

PS.  In a related development, next Saturday, May 9 is Big Day for Team
Sapsucker of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  Starting at midnight on the
Big Day, the team finds as many bird species as possible in 24 hours to
raise funds in support of the Lab. This year, Team Sapsucker was planning
to split up across Nebraska and Argentina to highlight grassland bird
conservation. But because of the pandemic, Team Sapsucker decided to bring
Big Day home to the Finger Lakes.  The team will be focusing heavily on
Land Trust preserves.  Look to eBird next week to see what Team Sapsucker
finds.  (Already eBird is far busier than I’ve ever seen it in Tompkins
County, with lots of checklists and great birds at Land Trust properties.)

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