I had two excellent family outings to Finger Lakes Land Trust preserves
this past weekend -- one to the Logan Hill Preserve in Candor, and one to
Campbell Meadows in Dryden (actually the Town’s property, subject to a
simple covenant with the Land Trust).

Despite challenging weather, especially on Saturday, the birding was quite
good!  We continued to rack up species steadily for my month’s Spring Bird
Quest tally.  We also had more than our share of close, high-quality
encounters and lucky surprises (including a nest-building Bald Eagle and a
Yellow Warbler looking and acting like an American Dipper in an Andy Warhol
painting).  You can find expanded accounts and photos here:


Thank you very much to everyone who has been making donations
<https://www.fllt.org/donate/> and pledges in support of the SBQ.  Your
support keeps me inspired and keeps the Land Trust hard at work protecting
and maintaining these and other wonderful habitats throughout our region.

Finally, I want to share how impressed I am at how birders worldwide and
especially here in Cayugabirds-Land showed up for the Global Big Day on May
9.  Wow, there were a lot of checklists (for the first time, more than
100,000 worldwide – hooray!) and a lot of great birds in them -- including
amazing coverage of Land Trust preserves by Team Sapsucker and others
despite the day-long cold winds and occasional snow!

(If you would like to share any moments and/or photos from your own visits
to Land Trust preserves this month, please feel free to get in touch!)

Mark Chao


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