Maybe someone can clarify or refer me to the right place. I have lived and 
birded in the Cayugabirds region for 30+ years and use ebird. I also spend 
winters in Arizona, specifically Pima County (near Tucson, Madera Canyon etc). 
Owls have been visiting our bird baths nightly. Great Horned and Western 
Screech, got great pictures on motion activated cams. I recently learned that 
ebird does not want motion activated pictures and also, don't bother reporting 
it unless you saw it directly. My question is why? The ebird expert/monitor 
from this county (great guy by the way) advised me of this and said he doesn’t 
agree with it and doesn’t know the rationale either. Anyway, it’s amazing what 
we get on our motion cameras, mammals and birds, and it would be great to be 
able to include the birds on ebird. I want to be as accurate as possible and 
follow the rules so I deleted my owl pictures and sightings but I’m 
disappointed and hope I can get an explanation.
Deb Lauper (Corning, NY and Sahuarita, AZ)
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