This afternoon the 13th I was able to track a RED-HEADED WOODPECKER to a 
possible nest site, a cavity in a snag of a tree, the species of which I have 
not yet figured out but will. This bird has been seen or heard since 4 May, and 
a pair successfully nested in the same vicinity last year. The bird entered the 
cavity and repeatedly ejected wood chips, as documented in some photos at <>
doing a lot of calling before entering the cavity. I enjoyed Jay McGowan’s 
description of this call as ‘desperate,’ there is something to that. It is 
distinctly higher-pitched than the more commonly heard Red-bellied. (Kweeah 
versus Kwirr, respectively, per Pieplow, if that helps).
The site is on a restricted access on neighboring private property, but with 
patience and luck you will be able to hear it, and maybe see it, somewhere 
around the intersection of Bradley and Strowbridge. It does occasionally come 
to our suet feeder, where I live at 30 Bradley. I’m of course hoping to see or 
hear two birds which has not occurred as of yet.
Jared Dawson

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