Yesterday I was birding for Audubon New York’s fundraising Birdathon, and I had 
a fantastic day sighting or hearing 74 species.


Geneva, home- AM: FOY house wren

Seneca Meadows Landfill: blue grosbeak, white-crowned sparrow

Montezuma NWR wildlife drive: American bittern, least sandpiper

Carncross Rd:

Morgan Rd: Swamp sparrow (not sure I have ever seen one before!), horned larks, 
Sandhill cranes

Armitage Rd: Prothonotary warbler, B-G gnatcatcher, warbling vireo

Seneca Lake SP: redhead pair, beautiful male common goldeneye

Sampson SP: common loon, red-breasted mergansers

Good day!

Alyssa Johnson
Environmental Educator

Montezuma Audubon Center
PO Box 187
2295 State Route 89
Savannah, New York 13146


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