I hope I’m not violating a rule, but I need some advice concerning the 
Baltimore Orioles who have been gracing us with their vibrant colors for a 
couple of weeks. This is the first time we’ve had the honor of their company 
and have been happy to provide them with orange halves which we have put on 
nails on the railing of our upstairs deck which is right outside our living 
room and kitchen. (We live on the second level of our house.) 

Next week, we are expecting a contractor to begin repainting our decks (one 
upstairs, one on the ground level under the upstairs deck, and a small deck at 
the back of the house. It’s not easy to secure the services of a contractor, 
especially now, but we’re concerned that his activity on the upstairs deck, 
especially, will keep the Orioles from coming to feed. 

We’ve thought of putting the orange halves on the railing of the back deck, but 
don’t know if they would find them there, now that they are accustomed to the 
front deck. Any suggestions would be very welcome!

Kathy Kramer


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