Hi All,
I was able to watch the Prothonotary Warbler on Armitage Rd. For.  an extended 
period of time. In the morning it was mostly foraging and singing as well as 
displaying periodically. Then in mid day, it started bringing moss into the 
nest box. I was wondering if this is the male making moss offerings. I never 
saw more than one bird together that day.  Occasionally it would leave with a 
pale green larvae in it’s peak. After looking at photos when I got home, I 
noticed that there was a whole area of larvae around the nest box hole. Someone 
else who was observing at a different angle thought it was adhering insects to 
the box. I only could see the bird bringing back moss, but can anyone explain 
the larvae at the nest hole? There are a few photos 

Diana Whiting


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