A search this morning from the top of the hill where the worm-eating
warblers breed did not yield the worm-eating for my friends and I. We
heard song several times but after seeing an eBird report from Lindsey
at the base of the hill about the same time we were at the top which
said they were able to call in a worm-eating we couldn't be sure that
the playback was not what we heard. A search from the bottom slopes
later on also yielded negative results. Consolation was numerous
singing Prairies & Blue-winged warblers and an Olive-sided flycatcher
hunting from a snag in one of the ponds.Just a word of caution and
reminder to thoroughly check yourself for ticks after visiting Lindsey
Parsons Preserve. Everywhere I've been this year has been tick-free
(for me at least) but not so at LPP and surrounding areas today. After
finding a Mourning warbler on Bald Hill Rd. I removed 2 ticks from my
pant legs. Then after walking some of the trails at the Preserve I
discovered one partially embedded when I got home. This area is known
for having a plentiful tick population unfortunately.Kyle Gage


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