This afternoon, about half way along the driveway leading down to Cayuta Lake’s 
public boat launch,  I inadvertently started a “conversation” back and forth 
between one of Merlin’s recordings of a Worm-eating Warbler and something that 
sounded very, very similar, but remained successfully hidden in the bushes 
around a hundred feet way.  It could have been someone playing nearly the same 
recording back at me, but I doubt anyone could have remained  hidden anywhere 
near so well.

The exchange got started as I was playing through similar songs on Merlin 
(Chipping Sparrows’, for instance) in the attempt to narrow the possibilities.  
Only the first of the two Merlin tracks seemed to get results, and either of 
the two repetitions on that track seemed to work.

I report this just in case anyone might want to try for better results.


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