Hi Dave.
I read your "going way back to the 1990s" with both amusement ,as for me
that's not way back, and fear as I remember watching migration "trains"
of blackbirds that went on for hours in the 1950s and warblers really
dripping off of trees in large numbers. Even when stationed in the DC
area in the 70s, migration time was a huge event with the state MOS
holding a mass count on 1 May each year and the numbers/variety were so
many times more than current with 100 specie days and weekend counts
over 150 routinely in MAy.

  Here at altitude as compared to Ithaca warblers have been way off and
most species are in very low numbers (less Purple Finch, grosbeaks and
orioles which are here in the largest numbers we have ever seen in NY).
We also saw sparrows largely depart. Red-eyes began appearing a few days
ago. Thanks for doing this type of post as it is so much more
illuminating than the "I saw" type reports or sterile ebird lists.

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