I'd like to give a shout-out to Dave Nicosia for his recent comments
concerning the southerly air flow and the warblers in its tow.
I had a wonderful day birding with my friend, Linda, along the southern
shore of Lake Ontario (Church Woods/Firehouse Woods/ BraddocknBay Eastern
Between these 3 locations we got 21 species of warblers!!!
Not to mention various thrushes, various, woodpeckers, vireos, a screech
owl, and waterfowl.
I think we had 54 species in all.
The woods were dripping with warblers - no lie/exaggeration and many were
low like Magee Marsh - a real fallout...5 Canadas, 2 mournings, tons of
magnolias and bays, wilsons, blackpolls etc.
Dave's hit the nail on the head with his timely illustration of the
connection between Meteorology and Ornithology.
I am grateful for his contribution(s) to the listserve.
Thanks for the heads-up Dave.
Pete Sar


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