Hi all,
Sorry for the late post. On Monday morning, I heard what was likely a
YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER along Michigan Hollow Road in Danby. It only sang
once, back towards the road from where I was along the edge of the marsh. I
was very convinced when I first heard it, but after trying to refind it for
sometime without luck, I started to second guess myself. Anyway, a little
late now, but the location was here:
(42.32822, -76.47698)
There are lots of nice patches of pines along the road, so certainly a
plausible location for one to show up. Hopefully it will reappear at some
point, so certainly worth keeping an ear out for. One showed up in Broome
County yesterday as well. The bird I heard had a strong, descending song
with a noticeably two-parted quality, very similar to this bird at Myers
Point <https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/177634> a few years ago.

Other birds along Michigan Hollow Road included a 10-species flycatcher
sweep (!), with a cooperative OLIVE-SIDED foraging from snags a few hundred
meters north of the FLT trailhead. It looks like others were able to
relocate this bird or birds yesterday in the same area. I did not hear the
Least Bittern in the marsh, but it was reported not too long ago. American
Bittern and a high number of Marsh Wrens are still around.


Jay McGowan
Macaulay Library
Cornell Lab of Ornithology


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