Hi all,

For the Cayuga Bird Club's next newsletter, I thought it might be
interesting to collect people's perspectives on birding during the lockdown
(and during the strange weather we've had in May). A short paragraph or
even a single sentence per person could be interesting. Anything is
welcome, from notable feeder sightings, to birds I may not have seen were
it not for the lockdown, to the busier-than-normal state of birding
hotspots. A simple account that may feel uninteresting today could be
insightful to a reader in 20 years looking back to see "what it was like
during the lockdown", even an account like "nothing changed for me, really".

Please send me any such contributions off-list by tomorrow evening (Sunday,
6pm). Yes that leaves only a day and a half. Yes I'm a procrastinator. No I
haven't done my taxes :-). Let me know if you want your contribution to be
anonymous (or use a pseudonym), e.g., if you want to mention a furlough or
unemployment circumstance.


Suan Yong
Editor, Cayuga Bird Club Newsetter


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