When I arrived at Shindagin Hollow's little wetland area, a largish brown heron 
flushed up to a tree. My first thought was "Bittern in a tree would make for an 
interesting photo". My first thought should've been "that's strange", as after 
slowly approaching the tree and scanning through the foliage I eventually spied 
some big red-ringed eyes: a juvenile black-crowned night heron!

Earlier in the woods I got some video of singing Canada and Mourning warblers - 
will share eventually when I get around to it (video is so much more time 
consuming to process than stills). Also heard but did not see black-billed 
cuckoo and hooded warbler, and got a quick glance of a parting red-shouldered 
hawk ID'ed from its call, no doubt the bird that triggered the continuing 
chorus of chipmunk "clucks" ("munking" as I like to call it) the whole time I 
was there.

Composed by thumb and autocorrect.

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