Hooded warbler is back in Sweazey rd. woods below Cornell orchard, singing 
loudly close by, but not showing himself!
That was up to the male Redstart who foraged in grape vines near road & of 
course the curious catbird.

The usual yellow warblers below the orchard were silent there at midday, but 
field sparrows, a yellow-bellied sapsucker, an E. Wood pewee, a wood thrush, 
indigo bunting, chickadees, and a red-eyed vireo occasionally added to the 
chorus in that peaceful woods on this gorgeous day.

This all helped distract me from the acute disappointment of seeing that more 
than half the meadows up the road nearer Rt. 34-B were mowed for hay, including 
at the former Farkas farm where they have let the grass grow all summer in the 
We birders have seen at least 1 meadowlark in that grass, as well as several 
RWBBs, trying to nest.

Donna Scott
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