Hi fellow birders.
I'm having fun playing around with the Cornell app "BirdNet" (currently for
android only). It allows you to record a song and then tries to identify
the bird making the sound. It then provides a Wikipedia page with info.
about that bird. It's still in the developmental stage but I've been trying
it out and so far it's been correct on a number of species including a
rather distant warbling vireo! The only bird it got wrong so far was a
wormeating warbler. I played its song using my Ibird pro app and BirdNet
said it was a chipping sparrow (the songs are similar).
Anyway, am wondering if anyone else out there has been using it and with
what degree of success. So far it's been spot on for Oriole, cardinal,
house wren, red-bellied woodpecker, indigo bunting, wood thrush, warbling
vireo and robin (those are the only ones I've tried so far in real life).
Pete Sar


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