Thanks Pete -

BirdNET has been successful for me with Eastern Towhee, Yellow Warbler,
Song Sparrow and Scarlet Tanager. It dipped on a still unidentified warbler
from last week--possibly a redstart, but the song seemed too long.

I've also tried to fool it into thinking I'm a White-throated Sparrow - it
has fallen for it once, and a few times it nailed the ID as a "human
whistle". Pretty fun to play around with.

One warning - if you record the song and submit it for analysis and the AI
DOESN'T come up with a confident ID, the recording *does not get saved*.
You can get around this by going into the app setting and turning storage
to "ON" your files will then be saved in a dedicated BirdNET folder.

For the recordings it does ID, it makes a handy list and allows easy access
to the recording snippet. Hope people will check it out. iOS version is in
the works.

Marc D

On Tue, Jun 9, 2020 at 8:31 AM Peter Saracino <>

> Hi fellow birders.
> I'm having fun playing around with the Cornell app "BirdNet" (currently
> for android only). It allows you to record a song and then tries to
> identify the bird making the sound. It then provides a Wikipedia page with
> info. about that bird. It's still in the developmental stage but I've been
> trying it out and so far it's been correct on a number of species including
> a rather distant warbling vireo! The only bird it got wrong so far was a
> wormeating warbler. I played its song using my Ibird pro app and BirdNet
> said it was a chipping sparrow (the songs are similar).
> Anyway, am wondering if anyone else out there has been using it and with
> what degree of success. So far it's been spot on for Oriole, cardinal,
> house wren, red-bellied woodpecker, indigo bunting, wood thrush, warbling
> vireo and robin (those are the only ones I've tried so far in real life).
> Thanks.
> Pete Sar
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