Hi all,
This morning I found a singing male CERULEAN WARBLER along Salmon Creek
Road in Lansing. It was west of the road near the north end of the forested
area that includes the Salmon Creek Bird Sanctuary. The bird was singing at
about (42.6122, -76.5367). Although it was audible from the road, it was
fairly far back in the woods. It was singing a decidedly atypical song
variation, so I'm glad I was able to get a look and confirm that's what
it was. A recording of the interesting song and some photos are here:

This is the first report of this species in the Salmon Creek area that I'm
aware of since 2014, although of course two decades ago it was the
epicenter of the Cerulean population in Tompkins County. Hopefully this one
will stick around and maybe have some success. There were two widely spaced
reports of Ceruleans on Shindagin Hollow Road this spring, which is
intriguing, but otherwise there have been very few records outside obvious
migrants in the country in recent years.

Meanwhile nearby, at least five VESPER SPARROWS were singing from fields
near the northern corner of Conlon Road (42.5815, -76.5148). I didn't check
on them today, but recently some of us have had up to three singing
GRASSHOPPER SPARROWS in the fields on either side of the north end of
Scofield Road, also in Lansing.


Jay McGowan
Ithaca, NY


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