I have several B. Orioles still eating my grape jelly (along with catbirds, 
chipmunks, gray squirrels, and raccoons and maybe flying squirrels at night).
I know of at least 2 BO nests right in my woodsy, bushy yard and at least one 
nest in a nearby oak tree in a neighbor's yard.

I gave up on orange halves last week because orioles didn't seem to be eating 

I have 3 dishes of jelly, 2 hanging (but one of those would be accessible to 
flying squirrels).

B Orioles also raid the hummingbird feeder!

I have not seen the Orchard Orioles for about 3-4 weeks.

Two evenings ago I saw a male B Oriole take a caterpillar to its nest hanging 
over the road near my mailbox. It went inside and appeared a few moments later 
with a fecal sac, which it flew away and dropped over 100 feet away. The nest 
is beautiful.

Donna L. Scott
Lansing Station Road/cayuga lake
Lansing, NY

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For the first time ever in my Cayuga Heights yard, I have had a pair of 
Baltimore Orioles still feeding at my jelly feeder. In previous years they are 
just here for a few days.
I am hoping since they have stayed (for at least 6 weeks ) they are nesting 
Any thoughts on this from birders more knowledgeable than me

Barbara Eden

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